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Pride at Southanger Park - just like a Jane Austen novel!

Cecily & Lady Fanny
And with Reverend Henry

Sir Thomas joins in
And so does Marcusd'Angelo
William proposes
The Cherry Sisters - an irreverent look at Chekov
The three sisters - Veruka, Basha and Gnasha, and Porkin the Stationmaster
The same with Footrotski, their brother
Piles, the 109 year old servant with the samovar
The sisters and Footrotski and an aged crone
A Collier's Tuesday Tea - a D.H.Lawrence style play - full of Northern grit!
Vicky gets annoyed
More oops!!
Marge & Ada
Let's get rid of the table!
STREUTH - a murder mystery
The body is discovered                                                            Who dunnit?                                                                           Suspicion falls!

It was him!                                                                                          The deceased

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