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THE KERNOW PLAYERS were founded on the 27TH April 1956 by a group of people formerly known as ‘Bits and Pieces’. This group was a breakaway group from the Ladies W.I. Group, as they wanted to include men in their performances, and men being in the W.I. Drama Group was strictly forbidden!! There were several female members from all the afore mentioned groups who seem to have formed a group called the Victory V Girls that staged variety concerts during the 2nd World War.

Though formed in 1956 the company didn’t manage to stage their first show until 1958 for various reasons and performing only sometimes once a year unlike the company today who perform anything up to 4 shows a year and have their own Little Theatre.

There have been many hundreds of people through the doors of the Kernow Players who have entertained the community of Padstow down through the years, I hope to research minute books and programmes where possible to record a list of all previous members, some were not with the company for long, where others like myself have been a member of the players for almost 40 years!!

The Kernow Players have over the years won competitions during the 70’s at the County Drama Festival and latterly the Calor Gas Pantomime Competition. Moving from The Church Rooms in the early 80’s, the players relocated to The Pollard Hall in Barry’s Lane which was then owned by the Methodist Church and when the hall came up for sale was purchased by the Kernow Players and has been a permanent home since the latter part of the 80’s and renamed The Little Theatre. Kernow Players still strive to provide good all round family entertainment, as well as entertaining at care homes, giving away monies and helping raise monies for various good causes locally and nationally.

As to the shows and using early minute books where possible I think I have been able to trace most of the shows and their producers. The following list being as accurate as records show.

Venues used for the early concerts were St Merryn, St Columb, & Church Rooms Padstow.

Sue Norfolk – President  of Kernow Players

                                                                                                         Year      Show Title       Producer

1958 Variety Concert (Mar.) Mr J Beer & Mrs V Chilvers

1958 Variety Concert (Nov.) Mrs Valerie Sharp

1959 Variety Concert (April) ?

1961 Variety Concert (Jan.) ?

1962 Variety Concert (Jan.) ?

1963 Variety concerts (Feb, Mar,Nov, Dec) Mr C Moyes

1964 Little Red Riding Hood Mr C Moyes

1965 Sinbad the Sailor Mr C Moyes

1965 Coming of St Petroc (part 1) Donald Rawe

1965 Variety Concert Mr C Moyes

1966 Coming of St Petroc (part 2) Donald Rawe

1967 Coming of St Petroc (part 3) Donald Rawe

1968 Robinson Crusoe Mr C Moyes

1969 Roar of the Sea Donald Rawe

1969 Two Soon for Daisies Mr C Moyes

1969 Snow White Mr C Moyes

1970 Humpty Dumpty Cynthia Hoskin

1970 The Happening at Botathen Donald Rawe

1971 Kernow Kaleidoscope Show Cynthia Hoskin

1972 Goody Two Shoes Cynthia Hoskin & Maurice Coville

1972 St. Catherine and the Frightening

of the French Donald Rawe

1973 Cinderella Cynthia Hoskin

1974 The Tale of the Mermaid David Platten

1975 Puss in Sea Boots David Platten

1976 Aladdin & Barbarella David Platten

1977 Mother Goose Ann Ward

1978 The Pied Piper Ann Ward

1979 The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe Ann Ward

1980 Sing a Song of Sixpence Ann Ward

1981 Hickory Dickory Dock Margaret Brenton

1982 The Heartless Princess Ann Ward

1983 Mother Goose’s Golden Christmas Ann Ward

New Venue: The Pollard Hall rented from the St John’s Methodist Church, later renamed as The Little Theatre.

1984 Old Time Music Hall Ann Ward

1985 Babes in the Magic Wood Ann Ward

1985 Old Time Music Hall Ann Ward

1986 Cinderella Bob Bishop

1986 Summer Variety Pam Salvidge

1987 Ali Baba Cynthia Hoskin

1987 Variety of Plays Cynthia Hoskin & Bill Kennedy

                                                                                                                            1987 Summer Showtime  Pam Salvidge

1988 Robinson Crusoe Cynthia Hoskin

1988 Evening of Plays Cynthia Hoskin, Bill Kennedy & Jean Francis

1988 Summer Showtime Pam Salvidge

1989 Potty Pantomime & Christmas Carol Pam Salvidge

1989 Evening of Comedy Plays Jean Francis & Patsy Thomas

1989 Summer Showtime Pam Salvidge

1989 Music Hall Pam Salvidge

1989 A Christmas Concert Pam Salvidge

1990 The Grand Old Duke of York Jean Francis

1990 Play-Plaza Suite Patsy Thomas

1990 Music Hall Pam Salvidge

1990 Summer Showtime Pam Salvidge

1990 Music Hall Pam Salvidge

1990 A Christmas Concert Pam Salvidge

1991 Dick Whittington Pam Salvidge

1991 Plays Jean Francis, Patsy Thomas & Bill Kennedy

1991 Summer Showtime Pam Salvidge

1991 Music Hall Pam Salvidge

1991 A Christmas Concert Pam Salvidge

1992 Snow White Upside Down Bill Kennedy

1992   Music Hall Pam Salvidge

1992 Oliver Pam Salvidge

1992 A Christmas Concert Pam Salvidge

1993 Jack and the Beanstalk Pam Salvidge

1993 April Plays Cynthia Hoskin Jean Francis & Bill Kennedy

1993 The Pantomime Play Sally Penna

1993 Summer Showtime Pam Salvidge

1993 Music Hall Pam Salvidge

1993 The Miser Rich Moule

1993 A Christmas Concert Pam Salvidge

1994 Sadie Spangle’s Circus Pam Salvidge

1994 Kidz Plays Amanda Hunt & Margaret Brenton

1994 An Inspector Calls Zoe Clift

1994 My Fair Lady Pam Salvidge

1994 Music Hall   Pam Salvidge

1994 A Christmas Concert Pam Salvidge

1995 Cinderella Sue Norfolk

1995 Play On Bill Kennedy

1995 Summer Variety Pam Salvidge

1995/6 A Christmas Carol Pam Salvidge

1996 40th Anniversary Showcase Peter Finlay

1996 The Sound of Music Pam Salvidge

1996 Habeus Corpus Joye Thurbon

1996 There was an Old Woman Amanda Hunt

1996 Christmas Concert Pam Salvidge

1997 Hickory Dickory Dock Sue Norfolk

1997 Goodnight Mrs Puffin Pam Salvidge

1997 Oklahoma Pam Salvidge

1997 A Christmas Concert Pam Salvidge

1998 Aladdin Pam Salvidge

1998 It Runs in the Family Pam Salvidge

1998 King and I Pam Salvidge

1998 A Christmas Concert Pam Salvidge

1999 Santa in Space Sue Norfolk

1999 Not Now Darling Simon Evans

1999 Oliver Pam Salvidge

1999 A Christmas Concert Pam Salvidge

2000 Snowy Spice and the Banished Bloomers Sue Norfolk & Angela Reskelly

2000 Run for your Wife Pam Finlay (formerly Salvidge)

2000 Guys and Dolls Pam Finlay

2000 A Christmas Concert Pam Finlay

2001 Treasure Island Sue Norfolk

2001 No Sex Please We’re British Pam Finlay

2001 Carousel Pam Finlay

2001 A Christmas Concert Pam Finlay

2002 Dick Turpin Sue Norfolk

2002 Wizard of Oz Andrea Curnow & Angela Reskelly

2002 Old Time Music Hall Pam Finlay

2002 A Christmas Concert (Methodist Church) Pam Finlay

2003 Scrooge the Musical Pam Finlay

2003 The Razzle Dazzle Show Sue Norfolk

2003 A Christmas Concert (Methodist Church) Pam Finlay

2004 Babes in the Wood Sue Norfolk

2004 Allo Allo Pam Finlay

2004 Annie Pam Finlay

2004 A Christmas Concert Sue Norfolk

2005 Cinderella Sue Norfolk

2005 Streuth Pam Finlay

2005 Kernow Kidz Ria MacRae

2005 Calamity Jane Angela Reskelly

2005 A Christmas Concert Pam Finlay

2006 Alice the Musical Sue Norfolk

2006 Noises Off Pam Finlay

2006 Gigi Pam Finlay

2006 Christmas Concert Pam Finlay

2007 Peter Pan Sue Norfolk

2007 Allo Allo Pam Finlay

2007 James Pond Ria MaCrae

2007 Christmas Concert Pam Finlay

2008 Robinson Crusoe Sue Norfolk

2008 Seasons Greetings Brian Coombes

2008 The Railway Children Pam Finlay

2008 Christmas Concert Pam Finlay

2009 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Kirsten Norfolk

2009 It Runs in the Family Brian Coombes

2009 The King and I Pam Finlay

2009 Old Time Music Hall Pam Finlay

2009 Christmas Concert Pam Finlay

2010 King Humpty Dumpty Sue Norfolk

2010 Two into One Arthur Nash

2010 Annie Get Your Gun Pam Finlay

2010 Autumn Cabaret Pam Finlay

2010 Christmas Concert Pam Finlay

2011 Dick Whittington Sue Norfolk

2011 Coarse Plays Pam Finlay

2011 Oliver Sue Norfolk

2011 Autumn Cabaret Pam Finlay

2011 Christmas Concert Pam Finlay

2012 A Christmas Carol Pam Finlay

2012 Off the Hook Arthur Nash
 2012  The Sound of Music   Pam Finlay
2012  The Show   Matthew Alcock
2012  Christmas Concert   Pam Finlay
2013  Sleeping Beauty   Sue Norfolk
2013   Wanted - One Body   Gill Malkinson
2013   The Wizard of Oz    Sue Norfolk
2013  Calendar Girls    Julie Nicholls/Angela Reskelly
2013 Christmas Concert   Pam Finlay
2014   Jack & the Beanstalk      Judith Alcock/Tania Grubb
2014   Goodnight Mrs Puffin         Pam Finlay
2014  'Allo 'Allo   Pam Finlay
2014 Trick or Treat     Kernow Kidz
2014 Christmas Concert   Angela Reskelly and Zoe Edensor
2015  Camelot the Panto       Sue Norfolk
2015   Cabaret at the Rusty Donkey     Judith Alcock and Tania Grubb
2015   Worzel Gummidge - the Musical   Sue Norfolk
2015 Christmas Concert   Angela Reskelly and Zoe Edensor
2016   Snow White and the Magnificent 7 Dwarfs   Sue Norfolk
2016   60th Anniversary Cabaret   Sue Norfolk
2016 Noises Off   Pam Finlay
2017 Cinderella     Pam Finlay
2017 Wild Goose Chase       Arthur Nash
2017   Summer Showtime    Pam Finlay
2017     Back to School      Judith Rowse
2018   The Pied Piper  Judith Rowse
2018   My Fair Lady   Pam Finlay
2018   Back to School 2    Judith Rowse
2018   Treasure Island    Sue Norfolk






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